The Rise of Atlantis

12 03 2008

D Atlantis Watches

Handmade by Swiss craftsmen using time-tested methods to ensure precision, D. Atlantis creates a modern mythology by reclaiming ideals from the lost continent and translating them into an ornate aesthetic marked by innovation.

A stainless steel, 18k white gold, pink gold, or platinum body is the foundation for the signature design: the skeletonized face. Straps made of alligator, stingray or crocodile skin reflect the watery inspiration and adorning the two and six marks as well as the crown, hour and minute hands are diamonds. The result is a watch that is indeed divine.

The dials – available in blue, white, pink, and black mother-of-pearl – complement the most unique and stunning feature: the interchangeable bezel. Available in diamonds, rubies or blue, yellow or orange sapphires, you can mix and match colors, jewels and textures for a one-of-a-kind timepiece reflecting your taste.

“The customers have the opportunity to change the bezel and upgrade their watches,” says Al Paravar, founder of D. Atlantis. “By choosing your stones and changing your bezel, every watch is different.”

D. Atlantis offers two lines, Poseidon and Clieto, named for the ruler of the lost continent and his wife. The Poseidon series features square faces while the Clieto series features round faces. Each line offers limited-edition pieces for both men and women and features a choice between automatic or manual winding mechanisms. Visit the D.Atlantis Website.

See the complete mens line below.

D Atlantis Watches




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