Man Plays Burning Piano

23 03 2008

Yosuke Yamashita, a famous pianist came to the conclusion that playing a piano while its not on fire is no longer an entertaining way of passing the time. So on the 8th of March he put on a spiffy fireproof suit and played a burning piano on the beach. There he played a dazzling improvised jazz performance for ten minutes before the piano was no longer able to play. The Gods of old in Valhalla were all in tears after such an awe inspiring performance.

However, this performance was not his first. In fact he preformed a similar one in 1973, lucky for him it was made into a film, which can be seen here. Unfortunately, this isn’t the entire performance, just a sliver of it. However, his message is clear, play the best piano solo while you can, because sooner or later it will be unplayable.




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