Death from Above – Death Seeker AF 1

25 03 2008

Sneaker customizer Mark Ong, better known as SBTG, joined forces toy designer PHU, to create 16 one-of-the-kind sneakers. Titled “Death from Above”, the collection depicts a fictitious aerial battle between 2 sworn enemies – The Death Seeker AF1s and the Phantom Mirage AM90s.

First off is the Death Seeker Air Force 1, call signs “Thunderbolt/Spitfire”. Features a weathered fuselage as an armor and cloaked in an urban desert storm camouflage. It is a “suicidal maniac” masked with the warhawks teeth ready for a Kamikaze mission. Retails for US$ 500 and comes with individually numbered on sneakers and box. In total 8 Death Seeker AF 1 “fighters” will be available. The mission will start this Sunday, March 30th, at 10 pm EST, on the shop section of Royalefam




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