‘If I Were King’: How Diddy Does It All

10 04 2008

Diddy brings his Midas touch to just about every venture. He’s made music, bands, movies, fashion, vodka, J. Lo… the list goes on and on. Some people call him an icon, I like to call him King Combs (cuz it sounds kinda like King Kong). MTV aired a documentary on the royal homeslicelast night at 10pm.

How Diddy Does It All

If I Were King chronicles Diddy’s daily life as he prepares for his Sean John menswear line’s runway show at Fashion Week in NYC. After five years on the industry DL, Diddy wants to get his swagger back and impress fashion bad-boys Posen, Cavalli, and Rodriguez. The doc also lends some insight into how Diddy became such a success and why no one dares to say “no” to him. Seriously, he’s one scary, anal, make-you-wanna-bawl boss. As one of his employees says, “There’s no Sean John show without tears. There’s no Sean Jean show without someone storming out.” Sounds like an hour-long special of The Hills, minus all the white chicks.

So make sure you tune in for the show. The King is watching you…

Show summary

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a larger-than-life showman, musician, executive and entrepreneur. Everybody knows his name. He’s had hit albums and singles; he’s the founder of Bad Boy Records; and he’s created superstars on the mega-successful MTV series Making the Band. But you may not know that he’s also a luxury fashion designer. So, it’s time to get to know Diddy, the fashion icon.

The MTV documentary If I Were King celebrates the 10th anniversary of Diddy’s Sean John fashion line. It offers you a private look at one of the most public figures in entertainment. It’s like you’ve never seen Diddy before!

Find out how Diddy built one of the world’s preeminent fashion companies and watch what goes down as he prepares for his line’s first runway show in five years. Along the way, you’ll learn just how many obstacles he’s had to overcome to achieve the success he has today.

In 2004, Diddy took the fashion world by storm by winning the coveted CFDA Award for menswear designer of the year — which is like taking home an Oscar. But now the question is: Can Diddy do it again?

If I Were King takes you inside the high-stakes world of high fashion, where Diddy’s Sean John label competes against fashion icons like Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren for the couture crown. This is your chance to get an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Diddy, the hands-on designer who runs a half-billion-dollar empire, yet still pins dresses on the workroom floor. The Sean John label doesn’t just bear Diddy’s name, it bares his soul.

You’ll jet set around the world with Diddy, exploring the inspiration behind Sean John’s return to the runway. Plus, you’ll go inside the Sean John/Bad Boy headquarters to see what it takes to turn an idea into a reality. Then, watch as Diddy leads his design team to the cutthroat catwalks of Fashion Week in New York City.

What’s at stake? No less than the future of Sean John itself, as Diddy seeks to transcend the urban stereotype of baggy street clothes and redefine the brand as a luxury label on par with Gucci and Armani. Will he come out on top?

Think you know Diddy? Think again … and get ready for a full fashion blowout! [via MTV]




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