Roswell Alien Steampunk Art

20 04 2008

Roswell Alien Steampunk Art

If will you buy this roswell alien UFO science grey taxidermy cryptozoology (GBP 90; about $180) that you can show off in your sci-fi friends? It is amazing and be made so real! And this alien taxidermy which included a real story that you can tell your friends. This TOP SECRET EYES ONLY CASE also packed the newspaper from the fated day and some photographs of autopsies on the aliens, craft and aliens themselves, and much more to verify this story. It looks great! About this story: July 2nd 1947, Mac Brazel witnesses a bright flash on his ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico. He drives out to investigate, only to find a debris field – the crash site of an unknown air craft… [via Like Cool]

Roswell Alien Steampunk Art 2

Roswell Alien Steampunk Art 3



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7 11 2008

It is wonderful. And how to you it?

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