BMW Billboard In Moscow With Real BMW’s

8 04 2008


This is crazy. A lot of thought went into this billboard. Advertisements like this wouldn’t fly in the USA, neither would the huge SEX billboard just below the BMW ad. Very inspirational. See more photos below.
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PUMA x Yo! MTV Raps – 3rd Series

5 04 2008

PUMA x Yo! MTV Raps - 3rd Series

The honor the golden age of Hip Hop, PUMA is releasing another collaboration with MTV. This 3rd PUMA x Yo! MTV Raps collection will include 3 classic PUMA model – First Round, RS-100, and Suede Patent. Each adorned with wild colorways and mix compositions. Due out on April 15th, in limited quantity, at exclusive retailers, such as the Harajuku and Osaka flagship stores of XLarge in Japan.

GHOST AKA Cousin Frank at BLVD Gallery

5 04 2008

GHOST AKA Cousin Frank at BLVD Gallery

BLVD Gallery is proud to present new works from NYC Graffiti Legend GHOST AKA Cousin Frank, a pioneering influence for many graffiti artists around the world. Having started writing in the golden age of the 1970’s, Ghost has first hand knowledge of the many adventures and accomplishments of the NYC subway graffiti movement. The original style, vibrant color combinations, and strong sense of satire of his graffiti has managed to ease the transition naturally to his more gallery oriented pursuits.

Ghost has spent many years dedicated to the formation (or deformation) of the standard English alphabet creating limitless possibilities for him to subvert the language in his unique style. He has managed to create work that bears the unmistakable mark of an accomplished draughtsman without it being either overbearing or overwrought. The humor that permeates Ghosts’ work comes from the underground comics tradition from his youth, more Zapp! Comix than Marvel. Ghosts’ improvisational approach to graffiti, he never planned ahead what his work would be like, gives his current series of paintings a lightness and spontaneity that has the feeling of an inside joke between old friends.

Ghost has shown his work in galleries across the globe and has become a major part of the visual aesthetic of companies like respected streetwear brand Stussy. There is also a documentary in production chronicling the many contributions Ghost has made to the global graffiti movement. This show will be the second time that BLVD Gallery has been privileged to work with Ghost whose amazing mural in the “Claimin’ Space” exhibition was a highlight for many at the 2007 Bumbershoot arts festival.


4 04 2008


STUSSY pulls a page from the Art History books referencing the halftone pop paintings of artist Roy Lichtenstein for their BUBBLES fitted baseball cap series. The cap features a STUSSY label sandwiched between the brim and right front panel. The style is offered in tonal Black, Moss and Purple as well as White. Available now from STUSSY DIRECT and select STUSSY accounts. [via Strictly Fitteds]


Artco Pepsi Artist Series

3 04 2008

Artco Pepsi Artist Series

With the success of the Moutain Dew Green Label engaging various artists in a series of designer cans, Artco and Mountain Dew’s parent company Pepsi did a similar artist project. Instead of introducing a new can similar to the Green Label project, the Artco Pepsi series featured work on conventional cans. The list of artists range from around the world spanning the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The Nautilus House: Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

1 04 2008

Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

The Nautilus House is a cartoon-like combination of bright vibrant colors and a gigantic shell-shaped design. It’s a real house, located in Mexico City and occupied by a young couple and their two small children. Not only does the Nautilus House look like a giant work of art, but because it’s built from a mix of chicken wire and concrete (among other things) and takes cues from a Nautilus shell (hence the name) it’s also an earthquake-proof and maintenance-free structure. And that’s always handy.

The inside decor is all about smooth rounded surfaces, rich colors, and greenery all over the place. And although the home is surrounded by Mexico City on 3 sides, the West side has most of the windows and faces out to a beautiful view of the mountains.

I really like it, but for anything other than a vacation home it might get old — living in this house must make a person feel like they’re in a tropical version of Whoville. [via Luxist]

Tokidoki x Mimobot Collaboration

31 03 2008

Tokidoki x Mimobot Collaboration

Regular USB memory sticks are just plain dull, drab, and wack. Mimobot came along to change all that, and now they’ve collabed with Tokidoki to bring us these designer USB flash drives. They are available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. They are scheduled for release at New York Comic Con, with pre-orders shipping April 18th. [via Toys R Evil]