Transformable Doc

5 04 2008

Transformable Doc

Wow! A modern sofa can be converted into a bunk beds. The Transformable Doc($5,950 ) is a comfortable sofa with fully removable covering that with a simple movement and no strain becomes a practical bunk bed. I love it! You can check out the web or at Resource Furniture, 969 Third Avenue (58th Street), (212) 753-2039. [via Like Cool]


Nike SportBand

3 04 2008

Nike SportBand

If you want to get a coach of Nike? Nike+ SportBand ($59; April 10) allows runners to see their distance, pace, time and calories burned when they run. Its watch face is detachable. After you run, remove the Nike+Link and plus it into a USB connection on your computer and upload the to track your run. [via Nike]

Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock

2 04 2008

 Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock

Every time you open the door that makes you solve a maze to unlock it! This Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock designed by famous Art Lebedev Studio. It available in the Thinkgeek for $50 price tag.

Maurice Lacroix Starside Watches

1 04 2008

Maurice Lacroix Starside Watches

Maurice Lacroix has unveiled the romantic designs in their Starside series in advance of the Baselworld watch show.

The Maurice Lacroix Starside Eternal Moon has a 38mm stainless steel case and sapphire crystals. The watch shows hours, minutes and seconds indication with hands, date indication with central hand, weekday and month indication in windows at 5 and 7 o’clock, moon phase indication with disc at 12 o’clock. The softly beautiful dial is lacquered in pink and black or beige and black, set with 32 diamonds with a metallized sapphire crystal for moon phase indication.

The Maurice Lacroix Starside Magic Seconds has a 38mm stainless steel case with a bezel and crown set with with 65 Top Wesselton diamonds. The movement is the automatic caliber ML161 with 31 jewels and the dial is white mother-of-pearl and silver color or lacquered in dark blue and silver color, set with 30 diamonds.

The Maurice Lacroix Starside Sparkling Date with In-House Complications is a limited edition of 250 pieces. The movement is the automatic caliber ML127 with 30 jewels with special complications module designed in-house by ML. It has an indication of hours and minutes, retrograde date indication with diamond in a shaped window at 6 o’clock, moon phase indication with eccentric disc revealed by a cabochon of moonstone at 3 o’clock. The 38mm case is 8K white gold and the bezel and lugs are set with 82 Top Wesselton diamonds. The crown set with 9 diamonds and the dial is lacquered in purple and black. [via Luxist]

Premier4509™ Offers Limited Edition Bentley Wide Body Package

1 04 2008

Premier4509™ Offers Limited Edition Bentley Wide Body PackagePremier4509 announced a limited edition wide-body aero kit for the Bentley Continental GT that was released in conjunction with Premier4509’s Lamborghini Murcielago kit. The Bentley wide-body set is limited to 100 kits worldwide. The package consists of a front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, front fenders and rear quarter panels that increase the car’s width by 4 inches. In addition, metalwork will be offered by way of a custom four-piece bumper grille set with new exhaust tips.

Premier4509™ Offers Limited Edition Bentley Wide Body Package 2

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The Nautilus House: Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

1 04 2008

Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

The Nautilus House is a cartoon-like combination of bright vibrant colors and a gigantic shell-shaped design. It’s a real house, located in Mexico City and occupied by a young couple and their two small children. Not only does the Nautilus House look like a giant work of art, but because it’s built from a mix of chicken wire and concrete (among other things) and takes cues from a Nautilus shell (hence the name) it’s also an earthquake-proof and maintenance-free structure. And that’s always handy.

The inside decor is all about smooth rounded surfaces, rich colors, and greenery all over the place. And although the home is surrounded by Mexico City on 3 sides, the West side has most of the windows and faces out to a beautiful view of the mountains.

I really like it, but for anything other than a vacation home it might get old — living in this house must make a person feel like they’re in a tropical version of Whoville. [via Luxist]

Xcor Lynx Rocket Plane

30 03 2008

Xcor Lynx Rocket Plane 1

Xcor Aerospace announced they would carry a pilot and a single passenger to an altitude of 200,000 feet that would for about $100,000 a ride. Flight testing is expected to start in 2010. This two seater rocket ship will reach 200,000 feet, the passengers will experience about 90 seconds of weightlessness. It is not the first do this, the SpaceShipTwo by the Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which has six seats, it will start test-flying this year. If you ready for it, first ready the money! Jump more see the video of the Lynx Rocket Plane. [ via LA Times ]

Xcor Lynx Rocket Plane 2