Piece of Mind Premier

25 04 2008

Piece of Mind Premier

Tonight was the premier of Piece of Mind by Evan Romoff and Keegan Gibbs. Piece of Mind is a documentary fallowing graffiti artists Yoink, Paste, Char and Augor (who is famously known for the work he did with Revok on the Murakami billboard). The film does a really nice job of digging into the lives and the mentality that goes into producing the pieces that appear on billboards across Los Angeles. We also get to see the struggle that these artists have to face in balancing the illegal side of bombing on the streets for the respect and thrill, and their introduction into the art gallery world which have put them on the path of successful artists.

The Premier at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, CA had an amazing turnout with people waiting around the block to get in. I highly recommend checking the film if you get a chance.


Video: Snoop in German Cell Phone Commercial

23 04 2008

Snoop impersonates German folk singer Roy Black in this new German TV ad.

Shwayze – Buzzin’

21 04 2008

I heard this song live on the radio and it blew me away. This is a hot new summer song from a virtually unknown that how now blown up on the net. Check out the video and enjoy the song!

This track is off of a new CD collaboration between Schwayze (like Patrick) and another artist. Let me know if the video gets pulled, UMG has the reigns pretty tight over the videos on youtube.

San Francisco Gate Art Adventure – Benny Gold

18 04 2008

One of the most prolific and well known designers around, resident nice guy Benny Gold offers up this video interview with the San Francisco Gate’s Art Adventure. The feature ranges from his past projects with Huf and Nike, the background behind him choosing Benny Gold and upcoming projects on the go. Definitely a good look into the personal life of a designer who’s had a big influence on many in more ways than one.

Graffiti 2.0: Gone by Morning

17 04 2008

laser graffiti

Artists James Powderly and Evan Roth recently went on a daring graffiti mission. The goal? Tagging New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. They waited for rush hour to die down and tried to be as incognito as people milling around bridges can be in this post-Sept. 11 world. Then, the duo fixed their crosshairs firmly on the bridge’s underside, and started etching out dozens — maybe hundreds — of tags on one of its massive supports. They held still as a police boat floated under the bridge. Later, they allowed passersby to pick up the equipment and try it for themselves. Yet, the next morning, there was nary a sign that Powderly or Roth — nor their towering graffiti art — had ever been there

While most graffiti crews use spray paint to mark buildings and urban infrastructure, Roth and Powderly, the artists behind the Graffiti Research Lab, have perfected a unique form of temporary high-tech graffiti they call laser tagging that utilizes a laser pointer in lieu of paint, a projector in place of a spray. Instead of hitting dark subway tunnels and back alleys, they turn their attention to public places such as skyscrapers and monuments. A growing legion of fans turn out regularly to witness live demonstrations of their light shows (see video of their latest graffiti missions), but most log on en masse to watch videos of the events on such sites as YouTube and GraffitiResearchLab.com. A few hundred have even downloaded the needed computer code and instructions — something the “open-source” artists encourage people to do — to replicate Powderly and Roth’s art in cities around the world. As a result of their soaring online popularity, the two artists have been sought out by a number of prominent curators in the art world — most recently by those at the Museum of Modern Art in New York — who see in their digital etchings a convergence of street art, graffiti art and urban cinema. Read the rest of this entry »

Adidas Presents: The Left Right Project

17 04 2008

In the never-ending battle of west coast vs. east coast, Adidas looked to two creative factions, the east coast’s Surface to Air and the west coast’s Sam Flores (of Upper Playground) to wage artistic battle on a pair of 15 foot long adidas Superstars. Sam Flores received the left shoe while Surface to Air took the right. The video seen here documents the journey from each end as they met together to compare results in Venice Beach. [via HypeBeast]

Boy with a shockingly amazing voice

17 04 2008

Britain’s Got Talent Andrew Johnston. Following in the footsteps of Paul Potts, this 13 year old kid blows the judges away on Britain’s Got Talent. This boy sings like an angel although he gets a lot of flack from school bullies (no kidding). If this kid keeps his head held high and does not get completely screwed by puberty then he has a very very bright future from the jump.