Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag

23 03 2008

Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag

This Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag is for those who want something that is not only crisp and bright for spring but also has a bit of an edge to it. Two large scorpions formed from jewels and studs hang somewhat quietly (it takes a second to see what they are) onto the side of the distressed finish white lambskin leather, and it gets a few more “bad” points from large pointed studs on either side and a quilted scorpion print lining. Plus it has a chunky gold chain shoulder strap, magnetic closure, a nameplate on the back, and a flat leather base. $2500.

Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag 2
Thomas Wylde Colossus Scorpion Bag 3


Golden Macs, A Dream Come True

19 03 2008

Golden Macs 2

Looking for a company to your golden Zune 2 or iPod shuffle and Nintendo DS?

Golden Macs

This mod from Computer Choppers includes a full 24-karat gold plating of Macbook Pro case.

Golden Macs 3

All the cost is around $1200 and $1500. For a bit extra, they’ll customize the Apple logo cutout with a custom design of your choice. Also, goes nice with diamond-encrusted iPhone. Check out the Computer Choppers website for more photos.

Golden Macs 4

Golden Macs 5