Boa Sleeve Is Condom For MacBook Air

14 04 2008

Boa Sleeve Is Condom For MacBook Air, Only Stronger (We Checked)

Forget that tired old manila envelope joke, a new case by a company called Boa may just be the snuggest, sleekest wrapper for your MacBook Air. The Fashion Sleeve is plush-lined and offers what Boa calls “minimalist protection.” At just .65mm thin, it’s allegedly the thinnest Airbook case on the market. After seeing the pic, though, Gizmodo theorized we could go thinner still by slipping a (large) condom over the thing.

So, it works. Kind of. Seven failed attempts, largely punctured by the Air’s surprisingly sharp edges (plus occasional clumsiness with fingertips during stretching), one successful try achieving a maximum coverage of 30% of the laptop. That’s from a standard European condom, mind you. You may still want to experiment at home with some Magnums.

And now we really need a Boa case to wipe all that icky lubricant from the Air’s outsides: Its synthetic micro-knitted fibers will wipe the aluminum clean of fingerprints and dust (hopefully lube, too) as you slide it in and out. See guys? We suffer for you, we really do. Anyway, the Boa Fashion Sleeve is available now for $30 each, in a choice of 21 spring-theme colors with more colors available in the summer. [via Gizmodo]

Protect your iPhone and still use the touchscreen

11 04 2008

Protect your iPhone and still use the touchscreen

The problem with most iPhone cases is that, by and large, they have to keep the screen clear so you can use it. A touchscreen isn’t much good with something blocking it, after all. But that’s not the case with the Ivyskin Xylo T2: it’s got a hard shell on the iPhone touch panel that you can use the touchscreen right through.

It’s not clear what kind of magic technology is used here, but you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking to protect your precious, precious iPhone and don’t want to spend more than $35 in the process. Check out the product page if you are interested. [via Dvice]

Protect your iPhone and still use the touchscreen 2

Quake3 on iPod Touch

8 04 2008

Quake 3 hits the iPod touch. You can move your character around using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer. You shoot by tapping on the screen. It looks fun, see the top of video.

Diamond iPod Auctioned Off For Charity

23 03 2008

Diamond iPod Auctioned Off For Charity

The world’s most expensive MP3 player, Diamond iPod, was recently auctioned off at the Feast of Albion charity event in London. Handcrafted by Norweigan jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl the piece is one-of-a-kind. The ipod shuffle and accompanying earphones are bedecked in 18K white and pink gold with 430 diamonds which is estimated to be worth £20,000. With only one made and no sign of them being produced commercially the glamorous iPod is quite the exclusive item…just surprised they didn’t use the larger iPod versions. Imagine paying that much money for an MP3 player that can’t even hold more than a few of your favorite CD’s of music!

Golden Macs, A Dream Come True

19 03 2008

Golden Macs 2

Looking for a company to your golden Zune 2 or iPod shuffle and Nintendo DS?

Golden Macs

This mod from Computer Choppers includes a full 24-karat gold plating of Macbook Pro case.

Golden Macs 3

All the cost is around $1200 and $1500. For a bit extra, they’ll customize the Apple logo cutout with a custom design of your choice. Also, goes nice with diamond-encrusted iPhone. Check out the Computer Choppers website for more photos.

Golden Macs 4

Golden Macs 5

Customize Your Tech Gear

14 03 2008

Color Ware new Lineup

Continuing their trend of painting up gadgets you love, Colorware has extended their painting expertise to the Apple iPod touch/nano/cassic as well as the iMac, ensuring your drapes always match the carpet. And if you want to see close-up shots to illustrate why their work warrants a somewhat premium price and is better than a crappy do-it-yourself job, take a look at our Colorware Xbox 360 gallery. Although spray painting in your garage with the windows closed does have its perks. Visit the ColorWare website for more details.