San Francisco Gate Art Adventure – Benny Gold

18 04 2008

One of the most prolific and well known designers around, resident nice guy Benny Gold offers up this video interview with the San Francisco Gate’s Art Adventure. The feature ranges from his past projects with Huf and Nike, the background behind him choosing Benny Gold and upcoming projects on the go. Definitely a good look into the personal life of a designer who’s had a big influence on many in more ways than one.


Artist iGoogle Museum At ZOZORESORT

3 04 2008

Artist iGoogle Museum At ZOZORESORT

iGoogle is one of the best ways to organize and create a homepage. ZOZO recently re-launched their ZOZOGALLERY, with it they released, Artist iGoogle Museum, which is a collection of iGoogle themes to customize your homepage. The themes include work done my Nigo (Bathing Ape), Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy) and Nobuhiko Kitamura (Hysteric Glamour) amongst others.

Artist iGoogle Museum At ZOZORESORT 2
Artist iGoogle Museum At ZOZORESORT 3
Artist iGoogle Museum At ZOZORESORT 4

Laywer quits his job, becomes lego artist

1 03 2008

A New York lawyer (Nathan Sawaya) quit his job to become an amazing lego artist. I am not talking about cities or spaceships but true ART.

Lego Art 1

This guy has amazing talent, check him out at

Lego Art 2

“‘Yellow’ has emerged as the iconic sculpture in my nationwide art tour. I really see this piece as someone pulling themselves apart”said Nathan Sawaya.