Artco Pepsi Artist Series

3 04 2008

Artco Pepsi Artist Series

With the success of the Moutain Dew Green Label engaging various artists in a series of designer cans, Artco and Mountain Dew’s parent company Pepsi did a similar artist project. Instead of introducing a new can similar to the Green Label project, the Artco Pepsi series featured work on conventional cans. The list of artists range from around the world spanning the Americas, Asia and Europe.


The Nautilus House: Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

1 04 2008

Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

The Nautilus House is a cartoon-like combination of bright vibrant colors and a gigantic shell-shaped design. It’s a real house, located in Mexico City and occupied by a young couple and their two small children. Not only does the Nautilus House look like a giant work of art, but because it’s built from a mix of chicken wire and concrete (among other things) and takes cues from a Nautilus shell (hence the name) it’s also an earthquake-proof and maintenance-free structure. And that’s always handy.

The inside decor is all about smooth rounded surfaces, rich colors, and greenery all over the place. And although the home is surrounded by Mexico City on 3 sides, the West side has most of the windows and faces out to a beautiful view of the mountains.

I really like it, but for anything other than a vacation home it might get old — living in this house must make a person feel like they’re in a tropical version of Whoville. [via Luxist]

The Real Face of Mario

21 03 2008

 The Real Face of Mario

Wow! The real face of the Mario, The designers of the site Pixeloon, managed to render a quite realistic as would be the real face of Mario, is it likes your image? This picture created with Photoshop CS2 and a bunch of random faces pasted over a 3d render of Mario from Nintendo.

N.A.H.U.L. x Sneaker Pimps 2008 Mexico

15 03 2008

N.A.H.U.L. x Sneaker Pimps 2008 Mexico

With recent word of Sneaker Pimps Mexico going down on March 13th, a special custom piece was created by Nike SB “Day of the Dead” Dunk Low creator N.A.H.U.L. as he deconstructed a pair of Air Force 1s to achieve this final product. Could make for an interesting conversation piece if it ever finds its way to a coffee table.

Sneaker Pimps Mexico 2008
The world’s largest touring sneaker show, Sneaker Pimps will be traveling south of the border next week, with a stop at the Vive Cuervo Salon in Mexico City on March 13th. The event boasts live music performances by the Wallabee Champ Ghostface Killah, Dr Octagon (aka Kool Keith) and DJ Muggs. The show also includes live artist installations by living legends Futura, Stash, Claw Money and SBTG. Visit for further details.

Apnée – short film by Claude Chabot

9 03 2008

A photographer tries to capture an embarrassing moment in the life of someone in the public eye. He doesn’t realize that time is working against him. By Claude Chabot.