The Mac : Negative Graffiti

24 04 2008

The Mac, is a graffiti artist from Phoenix. Here’s a piece incredible. Why ?

Because when you take this picture and you create its negative (with photoshop for example) you’ll get the picture with the real colors! It’s negative graffiti!

As everybody know, negative is about to disappear with the advent of digital technology… fortunately graffiti is alive

The original wall looks like this :

Negative Graffiti Original

And after reverse in your computer with Adobe Photoshop, here’s what you get :

Negative Graffiti Reversed


Sonic Chair

24 04 2008

Sonic Chair

If you wanted to sit a rotated chair and enjoy the surround sound. The Sonic Chair(EUR 5,850)’s speakers are encased chair body, it features offered a highly resonant sound environment; large body-focused sound membrane as backrest. The Sonic Chair included a input jack to enable you connect to your iPod or laptop. It has a laptop sidetable and also allow you integrated a iMac 20″ touchscreen or a 15″ touch monitor, you can work, see the film or listen the music at this chair. A very good design, if you want to live in a chair? And it is available in 35 colors, yes, 35 colors! [via Like Cool]