Boa Sleeve Is Condom For MacBook Air

14 04 2008

Boa Sleeve Is Condom For MacBook Air, Only Stronger (We Checked)

Forget that tired old manila envelope joke, a new case by a company called Boa may just be the snuggest, sleekest wrapper for your MacBook Air. The Fashion Sleeve is plush-lined and offers what Boa calls “minimalist protection.” At just .65mm thin, it’s allegedly the thinnest Airbook case on the market. After seeing the pic, though, Gizmodo theorized we could go thinner still by slipping a (large) condom over the thing.

So, it works. Kind of. Seven failed attempts, largely punctured by the Air’s surprisingly sharp edges (plus occasional clumsiness with fingertips during stretching), one successful try achieving a maximum coverage of 30% of the laptop. That’s from a standard European condom, mind you. You may still want to experiment at home with some Magnums.

And now we really need a Boa case to wipe all that icky lubricant from the Air’s outsides: Its synthetic micro-knitted fibers will wipe the aluminum clean of fingerprints and dust (hopefully lube, too) as you slide it in and out. See guys? We suffer for you, we really do. Anyway, the Boa Fashion Sleeve is available now for $30 each, in a choice of 21 spring-theme colors with more colors available in the summer. [via Gizmodo]


The Rise of Atlantis

12 03 2008

D Atlantis Watches

Handmade by Swiss craftsmen using time-tested methods to ensure precision, D. Atlantis creates a modern mythology by reclaiming ideals from the lost continent and translating them into an ornate aesthetic marked by innovation.

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A Sexy Runway Strut

11 03 2008

If you are not sure how to get peoples attention with your clothes, try getting half naked dimes to put them on. It is a win/win for everyone.

A Sexy Runway Strut

A Pussycat Dolls lingerie show, a photo op with former porn star Jenna Jameson and the runway debut of “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad’s new collection can mean only one thing: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Los Angeles is back at Smashbox Studios. See more at the L.A. Times website.

Air Jordan Hybrid Bag

10 03 2008

Air Jordan Bag

Taking the hybrid thing to a new level, Jordan Brand has created this Frankenstein bag incorporating highlights from models including the AJVI, AJ VII, AJ XII, AJ XIII and AJ XVII. A realistic looking sole can be seen representing the base of the bag with various highlights through out. Not the first time the Jordan Brand has incorporated actual footwear into a bag, previously using the Air Jordan III as the theme behind a bag designed by Michael Ditullo.

Air Jordan Bag 2

Hoods Grand Opening Tee – Hong Kong

10 03 2008

Hoods Tee

In commemorate with the grand opening of Hoods in Hong Kong, Neighborhood and WTaps has teamed up to release this one of the kind collaboration t-shirt. Comes in black and white, one of the main feature of this tee is the double flag which can be seen on the sleeve and it is priced at $499 HKD (approximately $64 USD).
Be sure to check out their Previously Open Gallery which will officially open by none other than the big men behind these two huge brands, Tetsu Nishiyama and Shinsuke Takizawa, on March 8th in Hong Kong.

Hoods Tee 2


29 02 2008

Aitor Throup is a London-based designer. All good comic book artists have a signature style when drawing the characters’ anatomy and postures. Aitor Throup has taken his characters to the next level, sculpting them and then making a garment pattern based on the pose of the character’s form in motion. Read the rest of this entry »