Lupe Fiasco “Glow in the Dark” Leather Bomber

24 04 2008


As part of the ongoing “Glow in the Dark” tour featuring Kanye West, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D., world renowned jacket designer Dr. Romanelli and graphic designer Nathan Cabrera have created a special piece for rising music star Lupe Fiasco. The leather bomber tour jacket features a laser etched design revealing intricate art work originally seen on Lupe’s “The Cool” album cover. The jacket is available exclusively at all the select cities taking part in the “Glow in the Dark” tour. [via Hypebeast]


Sony Ericsson Night Tennis

5 03 2008

This has gotta be the closest thing to a real life video game. This thing is tennis meets techno.

Night Tennis

Several matches in the dark with pounding background music for the sake of the players’ confusion —who kept it cool and played quite impressively—, and a fashion show from Rubén Gómez Navarro that was… let’s say… “bright”. Standing out was a gigantic screen on one side of the court that showed the score and the players’ names, in a neatly designed animated way. Sony Ericsson style if you will. When the championship finished, the court was to be the dancefloor, and Groove Armada the entertainers (Darren Emerson the previous day) with a great Video Dj performance in the mentioned screen. All in all, even if we didn’s see any single darn phone, Night Tennis is a perfect showcase of Sony Ericsson’s innovative spirit. Only one advice for those who plan to attend to the next show in Miami: non-epileptics only.

Night Tennis 2

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