BMW Billboard In Moscow With Real BMW’s

8 04 2008


This is crazy. A lot of thought went into this billboard. Advertisements like this wouldn’t fly in the USA, neither would the huge SEX billboard just below the BMW ad. Very inspirational. See more photos below.
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The Nautilus House: Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

1 04 2008

Live In A Giant Designer Snail Shell

The Nautilus House is a cartoon-like combination of bright vibrant colors and a gigantic shell-shaped design. It’s a real house, located in Mexico City and occupied by a young couple and their two small children. Not only does the Nautilus House look like a giant work of art, but because it’s built from a mix of chicken wire and concrete (among other things) and takes cues from a Nautilus shell (hence the name) it’s also an earthquake-proof and maintenance-free structure. And that’s always handy.

The inside decor is all about smooth rounded surfaces, rich colors, and greenery all over the place. And although the home is surrounded by Mexico City on 3 sides, the West side has most of the windows and faces out to a beautiful view of the mountains.

I really like it, but for anything other than a vacation home it might get old — living in this house must make a person feel like they’re in a tropical version of Whoville. [via Luxist]

The Throne by Ted Nemeth

15 03 2008

The Throne by Ted Nemeth

Urban designer Ted Nemeth has taken the outdoors in with his throne chair which looks as it it has been created from a city dumpster. The chair is made of 1/8 inch cold rolled steel complete with big four-inch bolts. There are a pair of brass knuckles on the chair arms. The chair has leather armrests and seats and the chair is splashed with colorful customizable graffiti by New York-based street artist BLKINK. The chair is listed at $5,150.

Cocoon Emergency Survival Shelter

15 03 2008

Cocoon Emergency Survival Shelter

What you should do when you find yourself trapped in a extreme hard condition and environment – such as harsh cold environment. You might wish you had the Cocoon a emergency survival shelter. Cocoon like a bag big enough to hold you inside. It can be hang from any strong support and is well insulated to keep you from freezing before support arrived.

Inside a Cocoon, the user is comforted by warming colors and materials that will ensure they stay warm no matter what the conditions are like outside.

Customize Your Tech Gear

14 03 2008

Color Ware new Lineup

Continuing their trend of painting up gadgets you love, Colorware has extended their painting expertise to the Apple iPod touch/nano/cassic as well as the iMac, ensuring your drapes always match the carpet. And if you want to see close-up shots to illustrate why their work warrants a somewhat premium price and is better than a crappy do-it-yourself job, take a look at our Colorware Xbox 360 gallery. Although spray painting in your garage with the windows closed does have its perks. Visit the ColorWare website for more details.

Amazing 3D Drawing

28 02 2008

I think that the mind and creativity are a a terrible thing to waste. When you try to bring what you imagine to life, amazing things can happen. Look a the images below for a good example. Who would have ever thought to turn the predator into a vegetarian? Enjoy the pictures below courtesy of

How would you like to get attacked by one of these?

Salad Medium

In November 2006 Till Nowak created the image “Salad”. For this image he created 12 digital vegetable models in 3ds max using photographic references. They were combined to become a tribute to the fantastic biomechanical creations of H.R. Giger and the vegetable portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Salad Detail