A Sexy Runway Strut

11 03 2008

If you are not sure how to get peoples attention with your clothes, try getting half naked dimes to put them on. It is a win/win for everyone.

A Sexy Runway Strut

A Pussycat Dolls lingerie show, a photo op with former porn star Jenna Jameson and the runway debut of “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad’s new collection can mean only one thing: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Los Angeles is back at Smashbox Studios. See more at the L.A. Times website.



29 02 2008

Aitor Throup is a London-based designer. All good comic book artists have a signature style when drawing the characters’ anatomy and postures. Aitor Throup has taken his characters to the next level, sculpting them and then making a garment pattern based on the pose of the character’s form in motion. Read the rest of this entry »