Reebok Reverse Jam Mid – Monopoly Money

19 04 2008

Reebok Reverse Jam Mid - Monopoly Money

Reebok is praying on your childhood memories in their most recent collections of sneakers. Back in January, Kool-Aid was the benefactor of a huge Reebok campaign, however Reebok have now turned itself to the board game Monopoly. This particular model is emblazoned with a collage of Monopoly money. Set to release in August alongside various other Monopoly themed models. [via Hype Beast]


Kobe Bryant jumps over an Aston Martin

11 04 2008

Remember that old Powerade commerical where LeBron James is shooting full-court jump shots with ease? As soon as it started airing, the debate began.

Was LeBron really swishing those shots or was it all fake?

In the end, Powerade let it be known that the commercial was the work of Method Studios, a company that specializes in visual effects, and that the spot was part of their new ad campaign (which also featured a Michael Vick).

While the footage turned out to be fake, Powerade got what they wanted. They created some buzz and pretty soon, everyone wanted to see the ad to judge for themselves; was it real or fake?

Well another NBA star may have taken a page out LeBron’s book.

On Thursday, Kobe Bryant’s website,, released a video in which the Los Angeles Laker pulls off his own ridiculous stunt.

As the video begins, Kobe holds up his newest signature shoe, the Nike Hyperdunks. Bryant then laces up his sneakers while teammate Ronny Turiaf tells him that what he’s about to do isn’t a good idea. “Don’t worry, I got this. Come on, bring it down!” shouts a confident Kobe.

Then it happens.

A silver Aston Martin then comes flying onto the screen at fifty miles per hour and Bryant jumps. He lets out a roar and completely clears the car.

“I told you!” he yells to Turiaf, “March 31, 2008, baby! That is how you jump over an Aston Martin boy, that’s how you do it. Hyperdunks!”

The video has been slowed down, freeze framed, and analyzed by many people and nobody seems to have any evidence that the stunt is fake.

In the LeBron commercial, the ball briefly leaves the screen which caused many people to doubt the ad’s authenticity. But with the Kobe video, you see everything perfectly. Hell, check out the photo above this article. Looks pretty real, right?

But let’s take a second and put all video effects to the side. Hollywood magic can do some amazing things and who knows, Bryant may have spent a fortune on that spot. Rather than analyzing the video for imperfections, let’s just use common sense for a second.

Would an athlete of Kobe’s caliber risk injury and possibly death just to sell a few pairs of shoes? I doubt it.

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Bored of your generic store-bought shoes?

2 03 2008

When I saw Matt Francois from Sole Brother Custom Sneakers latest creations, I was instantly intrigued. He creates very inventive designs that are both beautiful and durable and look as if the shoe was manufactured that way. They are the kind of shoes that immediately attract attention.

The process of getting custom sneakers is a little more involved than a quick trip to the shoe store but the results are unique. When he designs shoes he provides customers with a computer generated mock-up for approval. Each custom design is hand done and after it is finished, they coat the shoe with a protective layer which resists water and physical damage. The shoes costs between $400 – $700 which includes the design fee, the base shoe, and free shipping. They specialize in sneakers but can customize high heels, hand bags, belts, wallets, and anything else made of leather or other similar materials.

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