Street Art Locator

20 04 2008

Street Art Locator

Using Google Map technology, artist Andy Clark has created ‘Street Art Locator‘, a tool enablng you the ability to not only upload street art from your area, but view art straight from the source anywhere around the world. The site has just gone live this week, so its a god chance to get your city in amongst things early on.


GHOST AKA Cousin Frank at BLVD Gallery

5 04 2008

GHOST AKA Cousin Frank at BLVD Gallery

BLVD Gallery is proud to present new works from NYC Graffiti Legend GHOST AKA Cousin Frank, a pioneering influence for many graffiti artists around the world. Having started writing in the golden age of the 1970’s, Ghost has first hand knowledge of the many adventures and accomplishments of the NYC subway graffiti movement. The original style, vibrant color combinations, and strong sense of satire of his graffiti has managed to ease the transition naturally to his more gallery oriented pursuits.

Ghost has spent many years dedicated to the formation (or deformation) of the standard English alphabet creating limitless possibilities for him to subvert the language in his unique style. He has managed to create work that bears the unmistakable mark of an accomplished draughtsman without it being either overbearing or overwrought. The humor that permeates Ghosts’ work comes from the underground comics tradition from his youth, more Zapp! Comix than Marvel. Ghosts’ improvisational approach to graffiti, he never planned ahead what his work would be like, gives his current series of paintings a lightness and spontaneity that has the feeling of an inside joke between old friends.

Ghost has shown his work in galleries across the globe and has become a major part of the visual aesthetic of companies like respected streetwear brand Stussy. There is also a documentary in production chronicling the many contributions Ghost has made to the global graffiti movement. This show will be the second time that BLVD Gallery has been privileged to work with Ghost whose amazing mural in the “Claimin’ Space” exhibition was a highlight for many at the 2007 Bumbershoot arts festival.

London Street Life Has Legs

25 03 2008

London Street Life Has Legs

Brit artist INSA keeps the streets of East London looking fresh-to-death with this welcome addition to the otherwise drab grey walls. Photo by Invisiblemadevisible