The Best Mike Tyson Moments of All Time

3 04 2008

This video is hilarious. It is everything, like “I will eat your children” and more of the fan favorites.


Dru Hill Reunites and Breaks Up 10 Minutes Later

3 04 2008

Check out the video below. Dru hill went on the radio to announce that they have decided to reunite the group. Right after everyone shouts their name on the air one of the members takes it upon himself to say he will only be with them “in spirit” as god as called him to do his gospel thing. Sisqo flips out and one of the other members trys to fight the member that bailed ship.

Meet The Pregnant Man!

3 04 2008

Pregnant Man I know this is a little off topic considering the style of mosts of the stories posted here, but I figured the first pregnant “man” is a relevant story. Thomas Beatie is six-months pregnant! The father-to-be is happy, healthy and explaining how this is even possible. Oprah will be doing a special on her show with Thomas and his wife. Thomas and his wife open up about the secret they’ve been hiding for months.This should make an interesting discussion. Is the WORLD ready?

Check out the access hollywood video below.

See this CNN speculation video before the Oprah announcement below.

Kanye West – Homecoming

2 04 2008

Vodka 360: World’s First Eco Luxury Vodka

1 04 2008

World’s First Eco Luxury Vodka

Whether you like Bloody Mary’s, Vodka Tonics or Screwdrivers, a good vodka is a must-have for any home bar. A new, green alternative to the run-of-the-mill vodka is Vodka 360 — The World’s First Eco Luxury Vodka. The premise behind this great liquor is eco-awareness and corporate responsibility with greener processes and products. What else makes this a premium choice? Vodka 360 is quadruple distilled and five-times filtered! Sounds delicious. Have a smashing good time with a green drink in your hand and impress your friends with your eco-style! (By the way — it costs about $25-$30 for 750mL).

Tron Video

31 03 2008

Remake of the Light cycle scene from TRON (soundtrack taken from the film by Steven Lisberger)

Xcor Lynx Rocket Plane

30 03 2008

Xcor Lynx Rocket Plane 1

Xcor Aerospace announced they would carry a pilot and a single passenger to an altitude of 200,000 feet that would for about $100,000 a ride. Flight testing is expected to start in 2010. This two seater rocket ship will reach 200,000 feet, the passengers will experience about 90 seconds of weightlessness. It is not the first do this, the SpaceShipTwo by the Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which has six seats, it will start test-flying this year. If you ready for it, first ready the money! Jump more see the video of the Lynx Rocket Plane. [ via LA Times ]

Xcor Lynx Rocket Plane 2