The Death Star of Dubai

23 03 2008

Hopefully we’ll be developing our Proton Torpedo technology as this Death Star is being built…

In spite of its perceived cultural contradictions, the Middle Eastern of DUBAI is embracing futurism in a way currently unseen anywhere else on the planet. Following the seemingly impossible task of creating the world’s largest man-made island chain, the Palm Islands, Dubai has announced their plans to create an astonishing “WATERFRONT CITY” designed by visionary Dutch architect REM KOOLHAAS on another manmade island adjacent to the Palms. Covering a six and a half square mile area, the focal point of this sprawling new mixed-use seaside metropolis will be a perfectly spherical building bearing more than a striking resemblance to the legendary Death Star. Whether the incredible structure will be used as a weapon to destroy America with a powerful beam of energy remains to be seen, but until then we can only watch in wonder as the tiny Arab country becomes a showcase for what might eventually constitute the “Seven Wonders” of the modern world before our eyes. At least until the oil wells all run dry, that is. HAVE A LOOK:

Wide-angle view of the city’s focal point…

Inside view of the “Death Star”…

The Palm Islands at right…

…and the soon to be constructed island inlet that will be home to the futuristic metropolis.


The Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Best Hotel in the World!

15 03 2008

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah resort in Dubai, is acknowledged as the best hotel in the world. So how does a hotel earn such bragging rights?

The stellar customer service starts the moment you land in Dubai, with a chauffeur picking you up in the Rolls Royce that will be yours for the duration of your stay. When you arrive at the breathtaking hotel which stands 321 meters tall in the shape of a sail, you are taken directly to one of the 202 suites where you are checked in, a service that guarantees your privacy. Each sprawling suite is two levels, and has floor to ceiling windows providing breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Some of the listed in room features are, a private elevator, private cinema, a rotating four-post canopy bed,a separate butler entrance and a study area with a library. Should you venture out of your palace, activities made available to guests include hot air ballooning, horse back riding, golf at the world class Montgomerie Golf Course, desert safari day trips, chartered yacht trips and helicopter tours. Read the rest of this entry »