Vodka 360: World’s First Eco Luxury Vodka

1 04 2008

World’s First Eco Luxury Vodka

Whether you like Bloody Mary’s, Vodka Tonics or Screwdrivers, a good vodka is a must-have for any home bar. A new, green alternative to the run-of-the-mill vodka is Vodka 360 — The World’s First Eco Luxury Vodka. The premise behind this great liquor is eco-awareness and corporate responsibility with greener processes and products. What else makes this a premium choice? Vodka 360 is quadruple distilled and five-times filtered! Sounds delicious. Have a smashing good time with a green drink in your hand and impress your friends with your eco-style! (By the way — it costs about $25-$30 for 750mL).


Police release photos from Nick “Hogan” Bollea’s crash

14 03 2008

Nick Hogan Crash
Back in August 2007, the son of famed WWE Wrestler Hulk Hogan crashed his modded yellow Toyota Supra in Clearwater, Florida while allegedly street racing. Nick “Hogan” Bollea suffered minor injuries, but his friend riding shotgun at the time, John Graziano, suffered serious injuries including head trauma. Graziano now resides (and likely will for life) at a veteran’s hospital in Haley, VA. Since then, Bollea has been charged with felony reckless driving involving serious bodily harm, as well as a host of other offenses including being underage while driving drunk. More photos can be seen here.

Nick Hogan Crash

Nick Hogan Crash 3

Nick Hogan Crash 4

The Palms Opens Palm Place

9 03 2008

 Palm Place

Some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas now have condos that provide a safe haven from the world of jangling slot machines and endless gaming tables. The MGM Grand has The Signature at MGM Grand and now the Palms has Palms Place, a new condo located just west of the Las Vegas strip. The hotel, condo and spa does not have a casino. It is connected to the Palms with a moving walkway called a sky tube and has 600 condos, some of which will also be hotel rooms. The hotel spa includes a hammam and the hotel is also home to the first Sunset Tan franchise in the area. Celebrities buying into the complex reportedly include Eminem and Jessica Simpson. Rates for the hotel rooms start around $200 per night for a studio.

Sony Ericsson Night Tennis

5 03 2008

This has gotta be the closest thing to a real life video game. This thing is tennis meets techno.

Night Tennis

Several matches in the dark with pounding background music for the sake of the players’ confusion —who kept it cool and played quite impressively—, and a fashion show from Rubén Gómez Navarro that was… let’s say… “bright”. Standing out was a gigantic screen on one side of the court that showed the score and the players’ names, in a neatly designed animated way. Sony Ericsson style if you will. When the championship finished, the court was to be the dancefloor, and Groove Armada the entertainers (Darren Emerson the previous day) with a great Video Dj performance in the mentioned screen. All in all, even if we didn’s see any single darn phone, Night Tennis is a perfect showcase of Sony Ericsson’s innovative spirit. Only one advice for those who plan to attend to the next show in Miami: non-epileptics only.

Night Tennis 2

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Blue Frog Acoustic Lounge

4 03 2008

I would love to go to this place to chill out and have a few drinks. It has a stylish and usable design that will leave its visitors relaxed. This place will have many visitors and many people coming back for more.

A large north lit industrial warehouse within the old mill district in Mumbai is to be converted into a complex of sound recording studios and an acoustic lounge. This lounge will consist of a restaurant, bar and a live stage.

Blue Frog Acoustic Lounge

Blue Frog 2

Blue Frog 3

Blue Frog 4